Stories about Many Helping Hands

Parkland Bus

Ms. D

January 2, 2023

Our sweet friend Ms. D has been homeless on the streets of Irving for a decade. Debbie lived in her car for many years until the car was towed. She lost everything she had. She pushed a cart around and always needed it to be with her. During inclement weather, we really had to convince her to get out of the cold. Debbie suffered from COPD but never had any medicine. After many conversations and prayers, one of our volunteers convinced her to go on the Parkland bus on a Thursday night dinners. Well, she came skipping off the bus when she got the prescription for an inhaler. Praise God! We are so proud to say, a couple months ago Debbie accepted a program and she has been housed during the hottest months of this summer. We Thank God and one of are other non profits we work with in Irving, for getting her off the streets.