Stories about Many Helping Hands

Dannys Vet Funeral


January 3, 2023

When doing Ministry, God puts someone in your path that you know you are supposed to help. Danny, my adopted Vietnam VET, was one of those people. Whenever anyone would ask him how he was, he would reply "no complaints". He lived in his truck for many years but one day leaving our Thursday night dinner, he had several strokes. He had nobody to help him. He wasn't able to function anymore on the streets and was released from a nursing home when the funds ran out. God told me to step up. We put him in a motel and checked on him several times a day. I was trying to get his benefits started. God put an angel on the other end of a phone call I made. Since Danny worked most of his life, he could retire at 63 and get a check. Within 2 weeks his retirement check was started. Another angel who worked at a local nursing home helped me get him in under pending Medicare. Without making this post too long, Danny lived at the nursing home and we picked him up every week for Church. Danny got COVID and was taken home. With God's guidance, I was able to get him a military funeral and got in touch with his long lost family. All Praises to you GOD. Thank you for using me to be there for Danny.